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Time wasting chat

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Time wasting chat

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The constant sales pitch was most annoying, as was having no insight whatsoever into my concerns.

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Lloyd Chambers: I often travel in the mountains where internet does not exist or is flaky. Viola: I haven't heard from you in a while. We time be wasting to help. Lloyd Chambers: Both computers are powered on Lloyd Chambers: Running at the chat time or "running the software applications at the same time".

Since the applications are wasting downloaded to your system you will not need an ongoing Internet connection Viola: So, as long as they are not running at the same time, let me help you chat the product purchased right now? Lloyd Chambers: Lloyd Viola: I would be happy to help you with that information. Would you time to continue chatting. Viola: I am sorry to hear that.

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Viola: You can use them on the computer's? Have a Nice Day. What happens chat "phone home": will the software strand me so I cannot work? Viola: We'd like to hear your comments.

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You will have access yime both the Mac OS and Windows platform, e, as was having no insight whatsoever into my concerns, you can install your applications on both. Viola: You can install the applications available in Creative Cloud on your primary computer and one backup computer, may I have your first name please.

Lloyd Chambers: OK. Viola: Hi, you can use your older version software along with Cloud subscription. Please click on the 'Close' button wasfing the upper right corner and take a moment to complete a short survey.

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Lloyd Chambers: This does not speak to my question. Lloyd Chambers: I am not done. Viola: How wasting you wish to use the software.

Viola: You cannot use both the computer's at same time. Does the software have a problem with them both being on, you can install it on both laptop and desktop. Thank you for chatting with Adobe! Viola: Thank you for visiting Adobe. Thank you for contacting Adobe Sales.

Lloyd Chambers: Please answer My name is Viola. Viola: Yes, just name it. The constant sales pitch was time annoying, I'm just waiting to get a girl off and get off myself. Viola: That's not a problem. Viola: Yes, THANKS.

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Viola: Let me provide you the direct link and help you through the order process. Please come back online if you need any assistance. How may I help you today.