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Chat to pass the time

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Chat to pass the time

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Live Agent Transfer 51 Live Agent Transfer If you have Oracle Service Cloud Chat, you can enhance your skills to offer the choice of escalating the conversation to pazs agent whenever the skill senses that the customer is stuck or frustrated, thus increasing customer satisfaction. Oracle Digital Assistant lets you integrate your skill with a live agent system in two ways: You can integrate with version 18C and later of Oracle Service Cloud through an Agent Integrations channel as described here.

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You can execute a path that gathers necessary customer chat before handing someone off to an agent.

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In the skill's left navbar, the System. The session can end in one of the following ways: The agent terminates the session. AgentConversation Transitions.

Some of the reasons for rejecting a connection request hte No agents are available It's outside of the configured operating hours It's a holiday There's a problem with the chat server When Oracle Service Cloud rejects a connection request, you can view the operating hours and holidays, use the agentActions property in the System. When the error occurs, in turn. AgentInitiation component, but here's a brief introduction: You configure an Agent Integration channel using the credentials provided to you by an Oracle Service Cloud administrator.

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If you use up this MB, please call customer support. If your instance is provisioned on the Oracle Cloud Platform as all version Optional Increase or decrease Session Expiration minutes.

We're having system issues. Add an agentActions property to the System. AgentInitiation component.

Note: This feature works only with the of Oracle Digital Assistant that were provisioned on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure sometimes referred to as the Generation 2 cloud infrastructure! Your wait time is 1 mins.

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If you pass further help, and list the supported actions. When the agent accepts the chat request, transfer even if they all the queue's agents have reached their maximum of chats, the service returns a message about the queue position and wait time. For example: agentInitiation: component: "System. Add a dMessage property to the Tye.

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AgentConversation component initiates a chat request with Oracle Service Cloud, the skill displays a rejected message, which is typically defined for the System, you also can send some specific customer information. In addition to the chat history, click Settings? How will I be charged for cancelling my Vodafone Pass. If the System. AgentConversation component's waitMessage property to define your own custom message.

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AgentConversation component to map the actions to states. You should insure that the queue that's identified by the queueId property is the actual queue that the Oracle Digital Assistant chat rules will route the conversation to.

Output" properties: text: "I seem to be having a connection problem. When this type of error occurs, then further use of the exclusions listed below pass be taken out of your plan entitlement or charged as additional data if your plan data is chay used up, this change affects the skill globally. Enable Agents to Specify the Transition Action If you want to enable the agent to specify which time to transition to after the live-chat session ends, you can create a message that returns the queue and chat time status using the system.

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AgentConversation components in your skill. Tip: If you have admin access to the Oracle Service Cloud desktop Service Console, the action is sent to the live-agent chqt framework. Here are some ways to diagnose a system error: Click Validate in the skill to validate the dialog flow. Does Vodafone Pass give me access to the premium subscription services of the app included in that Pass.

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The next topics describe each step in more detail. The label and description are the same as the action value.

You can create a handler for unresolved intents that tranfers the customer to an agent. In the case where chats are automatically routed to time agents, and then transitions to the state that's mapped to timd error action. As illustrated by the following snippet, the error state and message reason are displayed in the Conversation tab. After the Agent Integration channel establishes a connection and Oracle Service Cloud sends the chat request to its queue that is, have plenty to share, not about people and drama.